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Naruto Shippuden Episode 277 got into some serious trouble this week, too. The time came for his big match-up with JD over the position of pack master. Call me crazy, but I just thought they were going to duke it out. Apparently, it's more of a contest. Typically, they hunt some sort of specific animal and the first to capture it wins. This time, though, V-addict JD kidnapped a college track star and planned on using him as the game. Alcide refused to kill an innocent boy, but JD refused to back down from the chase. He went after the kid, anyway. Alcide chased after JD and caught up to him just as he caught the runner. A minor fight broke out, but Martha (Dale Dickey) showed up to break it up. JD won the title and kicked Alcide out of the pack.

Lafayette's (Nelsan Ellis) story seemed to Naruto Shippuden Episode 277 tie up entirely this week. He drove home from Don Bartolo's love shack and envisioned a perfectly fine looking Jesus (Kevin Alejandro) spirit in the passenger seat beside him. A little vampire blood touched up his bleeding lips, and he seemed to make peace with mourning Jesus. I'm glad this is over with. Maybe now, Lafayette can get back to being funny!

That wasn't all for Lafayette this week, though. Arlene (Carrie Preston) and Holly (Lauren Bowles) were waiting at his house when he arrived back in Bon Temps. Their plan, convince Terry (Todd Lowe) and Patrick (Scott Foley) that the Ifrit is a figment of his imagination through a fake seance.

Lafayette: "He off his meds. Ciao, bitches."

Lafayette agreed, but charged $300 this time. He did this all last season for free! Funny Lafayette conducted a faux seance sans candles, but serious Lafayette had to Naruto Shippuden Episode 277 handle the situation once the spirit of the woman Terry killed actually showed up to the party! The candles were unlit, then lit again, then really lit. The woman agreed to break the curse if Terry kills Patrick, or Patrick kills Terry. Prediction: Patrick goes off the deep end, and Terry kills him defending Arlene. Maybe the Ifrit is just like last season's poltergeist. Maybe he just needs a friend!

For the third week in a row, Tara (Rutina Wesley) and Pam (Kristen Bauer van Straten) made a little progress with very little screen time. Basically, a racist blonde from Tara's high school class showed up to Fangtasia because well, we honestly don't know why a racist would want to hang out in a vampire bar. She dropped several racist comments, and Tara snapped. She happily admitted Naruto Shippuden Episode 277 to sleeping with her boyfriend. At first, it seemed as though Pam was defending her patron, but in reality, she was ready to have her tied and gagged in the dungeon below. Her mad face and her happy face are the same. After glamouring her to worship Tara forever, it appears as though the two are officially on good terms.

Eric attempted to reason with his sister, Nora (Lucy Griffiths), by using Godric's plea and memory. Nora called Godric weak in his final days and blasphemous.

Nora: "F*ck Godric."

Not Godric! That got me angry, so imagine how Eric reacted. In the final scenes regarding the Authority, they planned on annihilating the mainstreamers for good. Bill Naruto Shippuden Episode 277 suggested bombing the True Blood factories, much to Eric's surprise. Bill claimed he was "evolving." Oh no, Eric! Text Sookie!

The episode closed with Sookie having a vision of the vampire she inhabited. He's coming for her! Good!

What did you all think of the episode? Who picked up Hoyt at the episode's end? Are you Team Jessica or Team Hoyt? Are you afraid for Sookie or for the vampire killer? Isn't it a little quick for Alcide to have a new girlfriend after admitting his feelings for Sookie? What would Buffy do?


Well, tonight's episode of Naruto Shippuden Episode 277 felt about as scattered as last week's, however "Somebody That I Used to Know" did manage to deliver a number of more entertaining, less draggy scenes than last week's episode, and I think we have a better idea of where things are going for the series on a number of plot-points, most of which seem unrelated to each other.